Welcome to DEF-sport The danish union for elite athletes

The Danish Athletes Association (Danske Elitesportsudøveres Forening – DEF-sport) is a non-governmental and fully independent association of athletes which safeguards the interests of all Danish elite athletes.

The purpose of DEF-sport is to maintain, protect and develop the athletic, economic and social interests of all Danish elite athletes during and after their career. The work consists of individual guidance and pursuit of collective interests.

DEF-sport consists of the existing player associations in badminton, basketball and icehockey and of the individual athlete who are not represented by their own players union, e.g. cycling, martial art, rowing, yachting, etc.


DEF-sport is an economically and politically independent organization based on the idea that cooperation and a positive and constructive dialogue between all relevant parties in the athletic community will create the best working conditions for athletes and federations and thereby create the best results for Danish sports. DEF-sport is the athletes voice before the Danish Ministry of Culture, TEAM Danmark, Danmarks Idræts-Forbund and national sports federations. DEF-sport is also the contact to political parties and public agencies.

If you want to become a member of DEF-sport or need more information about the organization then contact the DEF-sport department at the following telephone number: (+45) 3011 1194 or e-mail: kontakt@def-sport.dk.

DEF-SPORT services

Contract Negotiation

DEF-sport can help you navigate the challenges of contracting and negotiations. Our involvement doesn’t end when you sign the contract. As part of our general contract negotiation process, DEF-sport will provide ongoing contract monitoring and contract services.
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4player is an organization started by the Danish Football Players Association, providing second career guidance and support to both current and former elite athletes and helping them transition from an active sports career to a second career.
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Pension & Sportspension

DEF-sport can help you navigate the challenging process of deciding which pension is best for you.
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Unemployment insurance fund

The Danish word ‘a‑kasse’ is an abbreviation for ‘arbejdsløshedskasse’ and means unemployment insurance fund. DEF-sport collaborates with Metal A-kasse to ensure our members a regular income in periods of unemployment.
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Insurance & Workers' compensation

All danish employers are liable to provide protection under the Workers' Compensation Act. As an athlete, DEF-sport provides you with legal guidance and support in both the process of reporting your injury and the process of getting adequate compensation.
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Legal Counseling

In DEF-sport we can advise you within most areas of Danish law. Additionally DEF-sport provides collaborating Tax counselling through accountants from Ernst & Young and judicial counselling through lawyers from Kromann Reumert
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Commercial Rights

As an athlete the ever changing commercial landscape might seem confusing. DEF-sport guides you to understand and claim your commercial rights
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Holiday Allowance

When contracted in Denmark for a Danish employer, you as an athlete have the right to holiday allowance. DEF-sport can help you legally sort our and claim your holiday allowance.
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